Summer cleaning

Something that I have decided to do. Both at my home and in my system, biological system called my body.

Thanks Michaela for the idea. I’ll probably be modifying a couple of things to suit my Indian lifestyle. Also I don’t like oats.
I like her point that when I eat healthy and exercise regularly I’m more happy and generally in a good mood. However, when I don’t eat much or eat junk, I feel worse and irritated. Good point!

So this is the plan.

– Clean the house and throw away un-necessary stuff.
– Clean kitchen and thrash things that are way past their expiry.
– Clean cupboard and figure out how I can re-arrange so all my clothes are accessible (not the only three that I end up wearing every day)
– Clean the system by eating healthy
-> Cook healthy, hearty breakfast at home to avoid eating junk at office.
-> Eat as less and as healthy as possible at lunch (need to choose from what I have at office)
-> Eat light and healthy for dinner (salad, fruit, milk)
– Stay fit and burn that extra layer at the waist (go running)

So there, that is my list for now. Sounds simple right? Only I have a full work day together with doing these and push in few hours of working outside office hours. I’ll try not to be whiny about that. I know I want the job and the money so I’ll have to live with that. Thats where it becomes a real achievement. Doing extra things in between the already filled up day. Things that make me feel wonderful. I’m sure I wouldn’t feel deprived as I am kind of over eating stuffy things. And I won’t deprive myself of something that I really want, because then whats the point? I’ll end up eating it more at a later point.

I have left out the occasional manicure, pedicure and facial that I give myself. I’ll try to keep that up. But first let me see how well the above plan goes. I’ll keep this place updated.


8 thoughts on “Summer cleaning

  1. 😀
    I’m glad!!
    I need to clean out my closet too! I have taken to cleaning the kitchen more often, since I have more time on hands, but not often enuf!
    I walk a lot, play in the park and eat right 🙂
    So, that part is covered. I can visibly see the weight loss and my body feels better and lighter! 😀

    • good for you that you can control what you eat. If I’m disciplined on most days I feel good about breaking rules one or two days. But now I’m breaking it all the time. Wheres the fun?

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  3. it is indeed simpler but honestly a little tough to follow for a simple reason that this is something you are going in incorporate in your current lifestyle..and anything new coming in with a change is a bit difficult to adapt to..but if you stay at it,you’ll be at it lifelong 🙂

    good luck and I’m trying to do the same so let’s stay updated with each other’s progress 🙂

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