Healthy eating update

This is in view of carrying forward my thoughts from the last post and keeping tab on the action items.
I have been trying to eat healthy since quite sometime now. That doesn’t mean I am fat or I am going to starve myself or deny the pleasures of treats. It just means that in daily life I want to get healthier foods inside my body. I have realized that it not only makes me feel good, it energizes.

So two days down and what have I done in these days?
I had good breakfast (idli wada/dosa) at office as I came in early, instead of the regular maggie or crappy sandwich. I also had tea. Then I had not so good lunch. Not so good because I’m guessing they put a lot of unhealthy sugars and fats into the Lunch thalis here at office. Another reminder to cook food in the morning. I had been planning on eating salad and fruits for dinner but since we went out to give the bike for servicing, while returning we dropped in to Kappa for something cold. In my defence, it is very hot here in Bangalore and our throats were dry, I wanted something cold. I had cold coffee while S had a mocktail. He wanted to try french fries too. I’m ashamed to say I had some. What happened to my self control? We did have fruits on coming back home. I’m thinking my stomach is slowly increasing in size.
The next day I had cooked aloo(potato) paratha as there was some boiled aloo in the fridge I wanted to do away with. I don’t like wasting food, so I am not guilty of eating a lot of aloo. And I cooked it at home without a drop of oil, so that is a plus.
I am not going running, instead we go for loooooong walks, like real long until my legs start aching. I say thats a plus.

In all, I am not doing too good on the healthy eating perspective. My next action item is to prepare breakfast and soak chickpeas and green gram to make healthy salad every 3 days once for evening snack/dinner. Cut down on tea/coffee intake and upping the milk quantity.

If you have ideas for healthy snack or breakfast, do drop in a few lines.


3 thoughts on “Healthy eating update

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  2. I’ve no brilliant ideas or so but I do make sprouts for breakfast and usually try to eat bowlful of salads and fruits in the evening and that too way before my sleeping time…

    in the day I try to avoid fried and outside food,which I difficult I must admit given the foodie that I’m…but have khakras, salads,fruits, fresh juices, brown breads, dry fruits and peanuts-in measured quantity-to chew on and truck loads of water!

    I’m doing all this just to get back in shape basically! but these are any way healthy eating habits which everyone around can adopt 🙂 happy healthiness!

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