This is not a women’s day post!

Because I don’t believe in celebrating women only on one day. But what Sheryl has to say is so much true I wanted to share it with all the women and men who get women.

Why we have too few women leaders

I wanted everyone to be able to watch the video on the blog however looks like this theme of WP doesn’t allow that. Any idea how I can make that happen?


3 thoughts on “This is not a women’s day post!

  1. I’m watching the video now…but coming to your original point: why celebrate women,love,friendship only one prescribed day? it’s like forever!

    on the contrary I also feel that these days are just to make one feel special out of all the other 364 days just like other do to us on our b’days? but of course one has to mean it when one says ‘I’m celebrating women and I respect her and love her’

    • See birthdays are a different fare. ‘you’ are born that day and it’s not collectively celebrated all over the world. Simply as a day. It is special to those close to you. Same for anniversaries and stuff. But the days that we collectively celebrate and simply losing meaning and I have a feeling we are coming up with new days every other day. You will be amazed at how many days we have and don’t know about. It’s ridiculous. If you want to celebrate women, show them respect and treat them as equals. They’ll be happier. Right?

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