Why in the world is it so hot?

Is it me or someone else too feels that this summer the heat has increased four fold of what it was last year. It might actually have or not. That is not the point. I’m feeling so hot, I think I’ll just melt away one of these days. What happened to the pleasant Bangalore weather?

I know it is summer, but I had not anticipated a summer like this here. I don’t even think it is safe anymore to roam around in mid-day sun. I might get a stroke or my skin might get charred, just like that. The heat is making me tired and dehydrated. I need to have a bottle of water with me, wherever I go. And I avoid crowded places as I am not too fond of inhaling others’ sweat. Yuck!

The blistering heat has burned my skin and still continues to do so. And I have stopped caring now. Whatever I do falls flat. I have tried sunscreen, calamine lotion and even put tan removing pack on my hands. It refuses to get back to its original color. Though my face is saved, as I wear a stole on my head and then wear helmet while riding.

Mornings are so hot. Have you seen what an early morning, 6 O clock looks these days? It’s like the new 7:30 and 7:30 is the new 9 o clock. Today I went to office pretty early, catching the 7 O clock bus, and the sun was already out on business, so bright that I couldn’t even see it’s orange for long time. And on other days when I need not reach office early, I sleep in and wake up to a torturous bright light and burning heat right in my face. Yes, that is the punishment of leaving the window open in the hope of a slight breeze, which is pretty elusive these days.

Heaven knows when it’ll rain in this part of Bangalore. May be it is because of the nature of the job of majority here. Go ahead call me superstitious, but I need my rain and pleasant weather. Give it back to me, damn you, whoever has taken it away. I might literally end up singing rain songs and start hallucinating if it soon doesn’t.

You think I’m mad? I blame it all on the sweat the keeps flowing the whole day, taking away my sanity. You know, they say it rains if we get donkey married. We might as well try. Problem is, I don’t remember to whom we need to get it married to!

Any suggestions?


8 thoughts on “Why in the world is it so hot?

  1. hugs babes! I really hope it cools down soon in Bangalore!!
    Ma was also complaining about the heat in mysore!
    Here too the weather has been absolutely crazy!!
    It was hot at the beginning of the week – the shorts came out and was worn with glee!
    And then from yesterday – its damn cold! You need a hat, gloves and a thick jacket just to step out to check the damn post!! ugh!

  2. Its not just you dear…the heat has increased five fold as compared to last year in Bangalore. Just the other day a colleague from office fell ill because she gone out at 1 at noon….we need to take care of ourselves pretty well…

    It rained a couple of nights ago in Whitefield and it was such a welcome respite from the blistering heat

    Enjoy having ice creams, fruit juices and the ever healthy buttermilk to beat the heat πŸ™‚

  3. lol getting donkey married? never heard that,no really!

    well yes it’s the heat in general which has spread it’s wings to higher levels and we are the victims of it’s high flying and being ambitious ! wow I almost gave a life to this term called ‘heat’ πŸ˜‰ so does summer do it to people? get poetic I mean? πŸ˜‰

    feel better and stay hydrated!

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