Back after a holiday

I was vacationing the past week and hence no post. But my mind wasn’t too far from the blog.

I was away roaming chilly Manali and swealtering hot Delhi & Agra with husband and in-laws. This is my second visit to all the three places and as usual I liked Manali better.

I’ll post the vacation details and pics through this week as I’m extremely busy tidying up the house. In-laws just left and so I’m left with a lot of stuff to do. I’ll also try to catch up with the regular blogs that I read.

Obviously, I haven’t been able to do either the summer cleaning or the healthy eating routine in the past week, so it is now my priority to get back to that with some exercises thrown in. My whole body is paining so bad I want to go right back to bed, but I know that will just increase the pain, so I’ll do some stretching this evening. The skin needs just as much attention. Sigh! I hate summers, it burns my skin.

And there is getting back to work too. Gosh! I don’t even remember what I was doing when I left. Then comes so many other things that I was doing and left midway when I packed my bags. Hmm, looks like I’m going to have a pretty busy month.


8 thoughts on “Back after a holiday

    • Why don’t you plan a trip then? It’s a must visit if you are a mountain or even a nature person.
      Thanks Deboshree for visiting. Stay around for the actual post of the trip.

    • Yes, trying hard to getting around to do that. Pics is with the husband who has a pretty busy schedule and I myself haven’t been able to sit down to jot my points of the trip. But before next Monday I’ll hopefully be done with both.

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