So I too write about Satyamev Jayate and more

Yes, I couldn’t not write about it. Though I could watch only half of the first episode, it kind of didn’t move me so much except for the shock at how a man had eaten his wife’s face *shudder*. Mostly because the fact of increasing female feticide is a common knowledge. Everybody knows about it but nobody does anything. And here too it was the same information. However, I appreciate the fact that where other people avoid discussing and brush these issues under the carpet, the show opted to discuss about it in the media. It really requires gall to bring social issues in front the whole nation.

That said, I am a little surprised at my no-shock reaction to the show. Am I getting used to seeing all the injustice around me? Which, if I am, is a disturbing thing. But thankfully no. Even though my blood didn’t boil at seeing those victims talk about their stories, I did feel that something needs to be done. What is that something? And for what, will the few people who are fighting, fight? There are innumerable things we do that are so wrong at so many levels.

But lets first take the topic at hand. Who do you think are the people who can actually start doing something about it? Yes, women. They lose their baby but still go ahead and make the next one to lose her again? It’s bloody unbelievable. Why do they do that? Why don’t they oppose it or leave the house? They’ll anyways be thrown out someday or are treated like they are an outsider. Why do women endure so much disrespect, humiliation, pain, hurt and still continue to live under the same roof? Why don’t they think of other options? Why are they not courageous enough? Is losing your daughter, worth the life with shitty people? I think we all know answers to this question.

To do all these things, women must first know that they can. They need to have the confidence in themselves. They need to see the importance of education and how it can help sustain one’s life. They need to break the norm and talk their mind. They need to raise their voice and oppose whoever tries to threaten their dignity. Women must empower themselves to do all this. They must see that they are also as important as any other fellow human living in this world. Their needs, dreams and aspirations are as important as anyone else’. And they need to realize it.

Why is it ok to make daughters drop out of school while sons continue learning, at least until he can learn to sustain himself? Why are men considered better than women (yes, even now, in this age)? Why should women always obey the family they are married into? Why do parents think it is ok for their daughter to face humiliation at her in-laws’? Why do parents/family/neighbors ask only the girls to adjust, all the effing time? Why?

That is because we do what others say. We are good at obeying because that’s what we have been doing since long. We ask for reaffirmation for our actions. We are usually not confident enough to take an independent decision. Yes, even the educated women want a go-ahead signal from either husband/friends/parents/etc to go ahead and do something. It looks like like we need support in whatever we are doing. Though this is changing now, the percentage is very small. How many of us are thinking how we can increase that percentage?

I’m sure all the net-savvy people know about the mechanics of conception and how the sex of the foetus is decided. Get the hell out of here if you don’t. I don’t have any respect for you.
I am so pissed off at the so-called educated, but in reality only literates, who still torture women about popping out a girl. If I ever happen to witness such a thing firsthand, I swear I’ll break their head or something. And here, I don’t care if they are educated or not.

Now back to the show, I think Amir does a great job of hosting it and he talks so sensibly to the people. I hope that through this show, which is dubbed in other languages too, reaches out to as many people as possible and educates them. But my fervent wish is that the courts move the cases in a fast pace and give justice to the victims. Not only that, but something needs to be done, some action to be taken, some law to be formed to eradicate this disease from our land. Yes, it is a malady, a disease which needs to be treated. I hope it’s not ‘all talk and no do’.

Update: Here are links from two blogs I regularly read, about the same issue.


7 thoughts on “So I too write about Satyamev Jayate and more

  1. I was on holiday when the episode aired, and I got around to watching it yesterday. It is such an important issue, one that tends to be easily brushed under the carpet. I’m glad that SJ is putting this topic in the living rooms of the country – esp the areas where it is rampant.

    Even if one person changes his/her mind after watching this- it would be worth it. And hopefully things will slowly change -for the better.

  2. you know this point came to my mind too-specially in the first case woman-her 6 girls were aborted,are you kidding? I can understand the need to stay at husband’s home due to societal pressures and all that stuff but 6 times? What she did for the 7th and now living girl she could have done for the 2nd one too,right?

    just my thought as a onlooker but ultimately one who goes through it knows the pain!

  3. i am a big fan of amir khan. he reached to the heights by doing satyamev jayate. please continue this program and show us the earliest for making a good india.

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