A burning issue

There is a deep relationship between fire, burns and me. I burn myself all the time while cooking. I’ve had parts of my hands burnt so many times that I’ve lost count. But mostly they are small ones.

A few days back, I burned a part of the skin of my middle finger (while making tea, go figure), which is still very dark. And I have a few dark marks from previous burns too. Sometimes it’s the hot kadai that I accidentally touch while doing something else, or the chapati/dosa pan. Lately, I also noticed that the joints of the fingers of my right hand are darker compared to the left. Is it because of all the heat it is exposed to while cooking? I need to do something to prevent this.

But the worst burning accident that has happened to me because of myself, was yesterday, during a waxing session. I wax my arms and legs quite comfortably since more than 2 years now. I used to go to the parlor when I was short of time, but these days everything has become so damn expensive at the parlor that I decided to do it at home every single time.

So, this is the setting: newspapers spread widely so that none of the wax accidentally touches the floor (who is going to clean that again?) and I carefully transferred the wax to the heater so that not a drop falls even on the paper. I switched the heater on and did mundane things like removing nail color and washing my arms and legs. I waxed the arms completely, as I do every time. Now legs are a different story. A little different, because I get thick and long hair on my legs and when I rip the wax strip, yes, it HURTS. I somehow completed the first one and half of the second leg successfully while listening to “Kannadada Kotyadhipathi” and I don’t know what happened or what I was thinking when I lifted the spatula to spread wax and forgot to blow it. A drop suddenly fell on my thigh and it burned like hell. Then fell another drop by which time it had cooled a little. My mind couldn’t provide an action for that incident, may be because I was under shock from the sudden pain. Then I thought, well, I can remove this with the strip and that is what I did. *rip* went the strip and I was seeing a while colored round on my skin. The burned skin was ripped off with the strip, don’t know how many layers. It started bleeding a little and the husband who has experience of burning oneself, suggested the next course of actions.

I covered it with an ice-cube for a 2 hours before I got bored and threw it. I was surprised to see the bleeding had not stopped, but I couldn’t care less. I just applied some moisturizing lotion on it and lay down. Since the burn was small the bleeding stopped in a few minutes but burning continued. I applied a second round of lotion before going to bed.

Today, I can say that I am quite fine as I feel tingling burning only sometimes, though I can’t wear jeans until it completely heals.

People who are exposed to heat (cooking too), please learn from this incident not to take even small things lightly. I should’ve paid more attention to what I was doing. I should have blown the wax and dropped the excess in the heater before taking the spatulla out. Sigh. A lesson learnt.


8 thoughts on “A burning issue

  1. hugs babes!
    take care…
    you know – i keep burning myself too when cooking! I burnt my fingers as well a few weeks back!
    it hurts!!
    take care

  2. Ouch, that would have hurt real bad W, take care!

    Every single day, I will be touching the sizzling hot kadai or the lid of the cooker and my hands will automatically be under the tap to cool the fingers.

    Am thinking of wearing heat and fire resistant gloves, what say 😛

    • I’m thinking to getting kitchen gloves, not a joke, really! I hurt myself all the time. It’s time we women took serious note of these small things.

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