Self eye brow threading

I love learning new stuff. I love seeing myself become pretty good at new stuff. And I love continuing doing what I love. To cut a long story short, I learned something new today. Something that I have never thought I’d do.

I learned to thread. Yes, I learned to do self threading. I did my eye-brows and upper lips myself today. In-fact just now. I’m so ecstatic that I even took pictures of the finished brows to post. Such is my blog-o-holic-ness.

This is how it turned out. Excuse my oily and non-madeup face (rather forehead). Its bed time 🙂

My threaded eye brows

I know I still have to learn shaping and stuff, but I removed the extra hair pretty easily, like in 30 minutes 😛 I’m so proud of myself right now.

The reason I thought of going for a self-threading is the ridiculousness of parlor prices. Eye-brows cost me 30 Rs. while upper lip alone costs me 20 Rs. Isn’t it too much? I almost had a cardiac arrest when the last time I got a banana facial done, she charged me 600 Rs. And it is not even a reputed salon, just a road corner parlor. This was a year back.

So now I do my own waxing, threading and facial too. I guess I can open a beauty parlor. Only problem is that others’ hair grosses me out.

Now, makes me think if I can give myself a haircut too. Why not?


4 thoughts on “Self eye brow threading

  1. wow!! I have seen women do it here too because threading is very expensive and rare here!
    I don’t think I could ever do it.. I don’t have steady hands and I can’t see without my sepcs!! 😛

    I totally admire you for your new talent!

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