Summer cleaning update – yes, once again

And I am back. With a vengeance. Back to back posts, Who would’ve thought! 😀

I had not expected myself to do an update on this before the summer ends. Here I am doing just that, because I want to follow-up with what I had promised myself: a clean house, a clean cupboard, a healthy mind and body.

Read here for the start-up post and here and here for the updates.

I am pretty proud of myself with the house cleaning part, as in, I’ve been cleaning up every alternative day. As in really cleaning up. Cleaning the cupboard is still a WIP. Now I’ve added the book cupboard to the list. It badly needs a cleaning. I have been cleaning the bathroom once a week, which is awesome because I suck at it. So I’m facing my fears alright.

I have not exactly been eating healthy, but I am not eating unhealthy either. Not much fat but I haven’t been able to exactly control the carbs (read rice, our staple food) and inject more protein in my diet. We eat lots of fibres so I’m good with that and I manage to drink sufficient water so I don’t get thirsty too often. I have cut down on caffeine (both coffee and tea) and I can see the effects. It might just be psychological, but I am not getting too many scary pimples. One or two and once in a month. Yay!

It has been months since I stretched a muscle, so I started exercising in the evenings since day before yesterday. Couldn’t do it yesterday because, hello, sore muscles. It is called delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS). I got back at it again, fearing that if I skipped today I will be at huge risk of skipping the weekend too. I HAVE to follow through on this one and get rid of that weird tummy fat sticking out at the front.

Reading the above once again, I realized that I’m not quite there yet. So time for action plans and action items.

Action item 1: Exercise regularly. Come rain or sun or relatives at home, exercise must be a must. Make time for it.

Action item 2: A very difficult one for me – eating right. Cook at home for two times – morning and evening. Compulsorily drink milk at night. Coffee/tea only once in a day.

Action item 3: Clean one room at a time and clean it completely. Kitchen cleaning on a weekend, it takes that amount of time, given that I have classes to attend on weekend mornings. Cupboard cleaning on a different day altogether.

Goal: Get regular at all the above by end of summer aka by August.

I’m feeling so good already. 🙂


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