A major controversy – SMJ update

The third and fourth episodes of the SMJ, for those who, like me, due to unavoidable circumstances, couldn’t watch the episodes on TV.

In today’s news, 21 medical institutions are asking Amir to apologize for showing doctors and their profession in poor light, else they’ll ask people to boycott the show. I feel it is an extremely ridiculous statement to come from such a responsible group as IMA.

IMA and Medical groups are fuming over SMJ’s episode on flaws in healthcare.

Does Amir need to apologize to the medical fraternity?

My father is a doctor and I know what happens in the profession. I’m not saying doctors are new age robbers. I’m just saying that not all doctors take their profession for what it is. It is sad that ‘doctor’ has become a family business in many cases where parents are both doctors and have a hospital, they make money only to get their kids in a medical school so that they can carry on looking after the hospital. It is true, this is happening.

How can all doctors be good natured and service minded when we have management quotas? Why do you think people shell so much money to get a medical seat? Because they are sure that they can get all that money back and in-fact much more. Now if that isn’t business then I don’t know what is. I’m not saying money making is bad in doctor’s profession. But they are under the The Hippocratic Oath to ensure that ethics are followed.

I will have a child someday and I’m scared even to think about going to hospital and delivering a baby. I’ve heard so many stories from friends and relatives about cases where a C-section was performed where a normal delivery was possible. Just because C-sec costs more. I’m scared to death of getting myself under knife. If I, who until now hasn’t undergone any wrong treatment, is so scared of doctors, then I’m sure those who have undergone the experience would have lost complete trust in the medical fraternity. Quacks are a different story altogether.

I also know of doctors who are my father’s friends, who are service minded and sensitive, even though they’ve earned quite a bit from their profession. I refer my friends to the doctors, who I know will not let me down. I also know of cases where a genuine death has been turned over as doctor’s fault and the doctor had to go absconding because relatives of the deceased were looking to beat him to death. This is wrong too, doctors are not magicians. They can do all that is possible in medical limits and their capacities. I’m not supporting people who put the blame on doctors who actually tried their best. I’m actually asking to question those who don’t. There are good doctors too, but we want the bad eggs out. We want a clean healthcare system, because health is the most important thing for a person. I can grow my own food to eat, but I can’t do my own operation.

Here is a different view and in-fact a reply to the episode by a medical student.

Do you think of this as a rant of an aspiring medical professional, who wants to substantiate the malpractices by giving examples of other fields? Do others’ mistakes make your own mistakes ok? Why does the author – the medical student talk only about how there are flaws in the system and how others professions also lack ethics, rather than stating if or not malpractice exists in medical profession and if yes, is it right? Which was the topic of discussion in that episode of SMJ.

There are so many replies to that post that it’ll take me some time to read all and digest them. I can see that many medical professionals are infuriated, so I’m really waiting to see if team SMJ does anything about this. Would we be seeing the actual research done by the ‘research team’? Would we see a substantial proof of the cases showcased in the episode? SMJ, it’s your time to reply.

I invite medicos and non-medicos to come forth and share their opinions.


5 thoughts on “A major controversy – SMJ update

  1. True that all doctors are not bad eggs.. But it is a fact is a fact is a fact, that there are many doctors who take this profession for granted, and dont care for what they are supposed to do. Many are there who just run behind money, money and more money..

  2. I just have to say one thing that if you are not wrong then why are you feeling hurt about it? The show doesn’t say that ALL doctors are bad…so who are good are good,no explanation needed there 🙂

    But people,as we know,know how to make a mountain out of a mole,unnecessarily!

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