Pani poori at home

Not the typical south Indian pani poori, but the one which is called gol gappa. As much as I had reminded myself to take pictures, when it comes to food, I can’t wait until photos are taken. So heres a pic I lifted off internet. 🙂

I made them or rather a part of them, on sunday. I had so many panipooris that I skipped my dinner 😀

I prepared the aloo and pani that needs to go inside the poori. Pooris were store bought.

If you, like me are not comfortable having gol gappas outside too frequently. Here is the easiest recipe for home made gol gappas.

Ingredients needed for pani.

Green chillies – 6/7
Coriander leaves – a handful
Jeera – 3/4 spoon
Garlic – 5
Salt – according to taste

Wash all ingredients except jeera and grind them in a mixie. Take a small amount of chutney in a large container, add water and tamarind juice. Mix well. Add salt to taste. Can add chat masala too. Check taste and alter accordingly. Keep the pani aside.

Ingredients for aloo mix

Potatoes – 4/5 medium sized
Red chilli powder – 1-2 spoons
Coriander powder – 1-2 spoons
turmeric – 1/4 spoon
Salt – accroding to taste

Boil potatoes in cooker (I do minimum 4 whistles) until they are soft. Peel them and mash. Add all powder ingredients and mix well. Add some water if too powdery. Keep aside

I like my onions/coriander/tomato/carrot in the filling. So I chop them finely except carrot that needs to be grated and keep it aside for filling.

Method to fill pooris:
Break open the thin surface of the poori with your thumb and make the hole bigger so it can hold the filling.
Now fill the aloo mix first.
Then fill it with raw ingredients.
Fill as many pooris as you want.
Take a small cup and fill it with pani.
Add pani to the filling and enjoy.

PS: Poori is not supposed to be bitten into two pieces as all the pani would then fall on you 😛


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