10 things you can do when bored

Summer holidays were both a fun time and ummm… non-fun time for me. Fun time when I could visit my grandma and play with cousins. Non-fun when I was stuck at my home and couldn’t go out to play because the whole neighborhood went to their respective grandma’s. Hmmppff. So I would always complain to my mother of boredom when I was left to play, all by myself. And on some days I’d be bored no matter what I did or where I went. I did find out some solutions later when I grew up.

I also have a habit of observing people around all the time. I’ve seen people doing stuff which indicates they are bored and are whiling time away. Here are some of those combined with my own experiences.

Bored? Checkout if you’d want to do any of these.

1. Fiddle with the mobile phone
Seriously, not having a mobile when one is alone has become the worst case scenario these days. When you’re waiting for someone or when you are alone in a cafe or restaurant, even when you stand at the bus stop waiting for the bus, it’s your mobile that keeps you company. It just feels weird not to do anything while being alone. Funny though, because just a decade back there was no mobile phone and we coped just fine.

2. Browse relentlessly
When there is nothing else to do or when you want to do nothing else, there is always the friendly internet at your beck and call. Just switch on and go. You can talk to people and browse so many things and not move an inch. Real boon.

3. Blog
Yes, just like me right now. Turn to blog, read blogs, write blogs and browse through blogs. It comes under the above point but I thought it worth mentioned as I am a blogger myself.

4. Call-up people
That would make you spend some time on phone and most often you’ll forge that you were bored when you’re done. Though you’d be done only by dinner time. Helpful.

5. Sleep
That sure is a solution for all problems. Just sleep whenever you don’t want to do anything else. You might be grumpy when you wake up, but you won’t be bored.

6. Roam
Mostly men do this. Whenever they are bored out of their minds, they just go out, roam aimlessly and come back revived. I don’t know how that happens.

7. Window shopping
Retail therapy has always been a soul soother, but window shopping takes the boredom and replaces it with all kinds of shopping ideas. By the end of which you might be a little poorer than when you started.

8. Eating
Food helps in calming mind and body. Hungry stomach always leads of annoyed mind. But does it help a bored mind too? I’ve found it does, to me. Whenever I’m bored, I just think of all exotic dishes and end up cooking something different than the usual stuff.

9. Gaming
Computer and video games are in vogue. So much so that my adult friends spend whole nights on their computers playing games. Duh!

10. Motivating oneself
When you can’t get the boredom to go out all by itself, you must pry it out. Read something motivating, watch inspirational talks, think of a goal for yourself and think of how your life would be when you achieve that goal. Do something substantial, right that instant towards the goal. Or do something important like cleaning cupboard or exercising. By the time you finish doing all that, it’ll be time to sleep and hopefully the next day won’t bore you. 🙂

I don’t know where this post came from. I just sat and typed.
Do you too have weird blog post ideas?


4 thoughts on “10 things you can do when bored

  1. I like it!
    I roam, window shop, actually shop, browse, blog, play games and watch TV when I’m bored.
    But, I do these things when I’m not bored as well!! 😛

  2. this is not a wierd post first of all 🙂 we all get bored and tips from the people around the world are certainly welcome 🙂

    Usually in my free time,if I’m out, I make the pending calls…or else I’m reading or else just observing people…observing people is a good hobby 🙂 same pinch!

    • haha I think I sometimes creep people out of their minds while staring at them. If you find a girl staring at you even when you’re looking at her, making you think if she’s mad, that would be me! 😛

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