SMJ update – once again

Everytime I watch SMJ, my eyes well up either from happiness or sadness. There are so many things which are unfair, unjust and simply not right but still continue to exist with us.

Do watch the episodes here.

I was so moved I couldn’t stop crying for minutes together. Thanks Amir and SMJ for bringing all these things to mainstream and making it things that can be and should be talked about.

Watching these episodes make me feel so small and insignificant that I tend to introspect at night. How can we bring about change? How can I bring about change?


4 thoughts on “SMJ update – once again

  1. makes me feel small happens with me too…the last Sunday episode? did you watch? I was touched with the Lobo couple…I looked inside and told myself I’ve a long way to go before I could call myself a good human being!

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