Self motivation – 1 month challenge

Moving on to better things, I could do with some motivation. Now motivation is hard to come by through outside sources. At this point I’d like to think self motivation is the best motivation, sour grape analogy notwithstanding.

I’d like to take up a one month challenge to eat healthy and be healthy. It is of utmost important at this stage of my life, when I’m actually feeling my control on what I eat and what I do is slowly slipping away from me. My mind and body seem like having a mind of their own. I have very little willpower to do something I know I can. I could easily stay away from that cake if I wanted to, even then it was in front of my eyes. Now I sadly can not.

So this is what I’ll be doing for a month from now.
1. Wake up early and stretch.
2. Cook food for breakfast and lunch.
3. Go for jogs on weekend.
4. Special foods/treats only once a month. That is once in this challenge period. Preferably at the end.
5. Workout in the evenings.
6. Find out as many healthy recipes as possible.
7. Reduce random browsing.

At the end of one month, I am expecting to
1. have an almost flat tummy.
2. feel and look healthier.
3. have a flexible body to be able to bend and touch my toes. I’d also like to do be able to do shirshasana using the wall.
4. get rid of the backache that haunts my nights now.

For the record this is the picture of my tummy right now.

Excuse my awful photography skills, this was taken in a haste.

The thing is I could do with some help. What do you think of this challenge? What more do you think I need to do to achieve this target? Can I add something else to my target list? Do you have healthy recipe ideas? Please do send in your comments/suggestions. I’d welcome anything that induces in me, a little willpower and motivation.


9 thoughts on “Self motivation – 1 month challenge

  1. I’m with you on this…I need to do all the above that you’ve mentioned…If I can’t stick to it at least I can motivate you…go ahead *patting your back*

    P.S. you are still in better shape lady,if you look at my tummy you’ll die of shame or laughter or both 😦

    • I don’t like monotonous regime. I try and vary my style of working out. But missing out on cardio right now. Planning to go treadmill to compensate.
      Thanks for your comment. Stay around.

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