Healthy breakfast – Spinach Omlette

Inspired from this youtube clip, I had cooked spinach omlette which turned out to be very delicious. I made slight modifications and here is the recipe.

Healthy spinach omelet with brown bread toast and cranberry juice

Bunch of spinach leaves (stems cut off)
Half a carrot grated
1 tomato coarsely chopped
1 onion coarsely chopped
1 bell pepper coarsely chopped
1 green chilli chopped (can skip if you want it bland)
2/3 eggs (depending upon your appetite)
2 pinch salt
1 tsp lemon juice (squeezed)

– On medium flame stove, pour a spoonful of oil (I use sunflower oil) on a tava and fry onions and chillies for half a minute.
– Add bell peppers and fry for sometime.
– Add spinach and leave for sometime. Until spinach bunch is reduced to a small amount.
– Add tomato and fry for sometime.
– Add carrot, salt to taste, lemon juice and stir
– Break the eggs and beat to combine yolk and white. (I don’t overdo it)
– Pour the eggs on and around the cooked vegetables.
– Cook both sides according to your preference (I like it golden)
– Serve with your favorite juice

Healthy and filling breakfast served in under 15 minutes. Have it with brown bread toast and a juice. I loved the new Real cranberry juice with it.


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