This is something more important than my regular update. Girls beware and be strong. Have courage and fight back. Men, learn to respect. Women, children, elders, everybody. People, what makes you think this won’t happen to you or your loved ones? Support the right side, support and respect women. Fight injustice.

The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker

Sharing this email shared by the victim’s friend who’s also a blogger.

This young woman could have been any of us. Please keep in mind that it’s almost impossible to know how one would react in such situations, shock and trauma can confuse and immobilize or fill us with rage. This incident reminded me of the time (have blogged about it , will link) I yelled at four army jawans who were harassing a woman in a train in 1999, it could have turned very ugly too.

What do you think of the reactions of the fellow passengers here?

The account in this courageous young woman’s own words, with a big hug to her.


This post contains language, four-letter word language. These are my words and my account. Most of the exchange was in Hindi, nearly everything I shouted was in English. 
23rd June, afternoonish, I board the metro…

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