And while (shameful)history repeats itself, all watch in mute helplessness

That is what happens when something bad happens, right? We give out soem tch-tchs and talk about the incidents for somedays and then promptly get back to our lives. Which is pretty obvious because, hey, my life can’t stop or change because someone somewhere suffered injustice and nobody did anything about it. None of my business anyway. It is the Government and police that should do something about it. And yes, history has repeated itself once again in Mangalore.

Girls and boy thrashed by some people who proclaim themselves to be protectors of Hindu culture, doing it by harassing and beating girls in front of camera. Why? Because they were allegedly having sex/affair/being together, which obviously is not our culture.  If something illegal was going on why didn’t they inform the police?  But ofcourse, then the joy of having harassed the girls would have to be given up. Morally sound would never do that. In our culture, having sex with mutual consent and if they are young and not married is bad. Girls drinking and smoking and going around with boys is bad. Girls wearing western outfits and doing what a man does is bad and fast. Infact I guess pretty much all that girls do which these culture gurus do not accept is crime. And what rights do they have to do all this? They are just doing the job which police and Govt. failed to do.  So molesting women, stalking them, making lewd remarks, feeling her up and flashing are our cultural traits. We can’t be Hindus if we don’t beat up our wives and children and make their lives miserable while making them think males are the epitomes of superiority. That comes somewhere near to our culture. Right, my foot.

What next? They might just see that many of us married women are not wearing symbols of marriage and hence embarrassing our culture. Are we next?

I appeal to women to not take things like this lying down. Make some noise, raise your voice, make yourself heard. Kick, push, shove. More than anything, be strong. It is not you, it is those dirty ba****ds. Go to the police, if they refuse, go to the media. I am boiling with mad rage and my husband knows how violent I am when I am mad. So be violent for a reason as good as this. Nobody has a right to interfere in your personal life and nobody should. If they have a notion of right and wrong let them keep it to themselves.

I have been reading the same  kind of news since before the Guwahati case. I’m disgusted, angered and sad. The helpless tears and burning my eyes. How can I do something so these rascals learn their lesson to keep their hands and opinions to themselves? This and all previous incidents have been brought to the notice of Police and the Govt. What are they doing about it? Dear Mr. Police Commmissioner of whatever region you are the police commissioner of. What are you doing to prevent such crimes? Dear Mr. Chief Minister (this sounds ridiculous, as we have had issues with chief ministers themselves, how sad can a situation turn?), what are you doing to curb such incidents? I feel threatened by every male in the vicinity when I go out. I read all such news and I don’t trust any male to the extent that I won’t help anyone even when their case is genuine. I am so scared and angry at the same time is that I lash out at unsuspecting males. Why are you allowing such psychological distress to us? I don’t think I will have any guilt in thinking that I would like to settle down outside India. Mind you, I love my country, but my countrymen make it nearly impossible for women to co-exist without oppressing them. I certainly don’t want to have a daughter. I love them both you see, boys and girls. But I am scared of what might happen to my girl. So I might as well move to a different country where I have my freedom and where my daughter can grow without having to face such atrocities. And you cry foul and blame people who relocate? What are you doing to make me stay in my homeland?


6 thoughts on “And while (shameful)history repeats itself, all watch in mute helplessness

  1. It’s scary to say the least. You know, its when I hear of things like this that I worry whether our decision to move back to India was right or not.

    The way it looks, the authorities have no intention of doing anything. Women obviously don’t come high on their priorities.

  2. I read about this yesterday. It is disgusting and scary. They have arrested 8 people out of 50(!) and they will be released on bail as this is a bailable offence. Again, there was a TV crew recording it.

    • I am tired of these news. I wonder if they are all staged. And then I am scared of what our nation is turning into. I heard the interview of one of the extreme Hinduist group leader. The way he was justifying why is it ok to hit people by barging into their spaces. Its shocking and utterly disgusting. I hope and wish they all rot in hell.

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