Lethargy, procrastination and preoccupation

It has been ages since I wrote something that made sense. I get ideas for stories with weird storyline and no climax. And I have not had the time to try out new makeup or recipe. Frankly I don’t think anyone cares anymore about this blog, including me. But it turns out I do, because I am posting right now. Also I was kind of out-of-place in my head. As in, at crossroads sorts. I don’t know what to do next with my life. I mean I do know what to do but then there are so many things that I want to do that it becomes one hell of a job to prioritize them.
I am finally out of the foul mood that I had gotten into after all that crappy stuff happening to women all over the world. I mean, how can you not get worked up?
I must say that I get pissed off easily about things like that. However, now that I am out of it I don’t know what my mood currently is. I am thinking so many things at the same time which result into so many emotions getting mixed up there. That anyway is not the point. The point is that I am completely and utterly confused about things in my life. Things like job, travel, family etc. I want to work but I also want to take a break and I am not sure how I do it because I am not sure how I’ll be able to catch up with technology and trends at work during my break. I don’t know how to do it and it is eating up my head from inside.
While this is the state of my mind, my body has become extremely lethargic with no exercise, no proper and healthy diet. And I am a pro at procrastinating. I keep thinking I’ll do this and that at this and that time, never now. I was kind of sticking to a schedule when I had taken up the challenge, but I had to stop it due to unforeseen circumstances. So this is a good time to start once again. Push myself to the limits and see myself surviving gives me a high. It is and will be the only thing that makes me stick to doing something.

By now you would’ve understood that there is no point to this post except for me getting off my ass and writing something. It feels good to be writing. As I’ve said before, it is therapeutic. Now that I am sitting and writing it all down I realize that I need to take some time out and think about things.

Also, I had been on an awesome monsoon travel (Kukke-Hornad-Sringeri). Will update my travel blog soon.


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