Stretching the limits

That is what I am doing right now and I have a hell of a sore body. My abs hurt, so do the thighs, calves, shoulder and arms. The feeling, however, is wonderful and the pain joyful. It reminds me that I have stuff to do after returning home. It reminds me that my body needs attention. It reminds me to double-check what I’m putting into my plate.

Stretches have started again with a bang and boy does it feel good already.

I started last week and last four days and today have been rest days. I am going to run from tomorrow. Probably three days a week. There is a new park in our area and I want to try it out. My current shoes are kinda worn out, so I am looking out to buy new running shoes. Even though I love my current shoes to bits I guess I’ll have to keep them away only for trekking which happens almost once in three months. I now need some nice a strong shoes with good grip which I can use both for plain surface and muddy trail runs. I am looking for Nike or Reebok but I am open to checking out other brands too. I’m not a workout-o-holic so anything less pricey which is good for my feet will do just fine. Go on, suggest me some, including ones in Nike/Reebok.

I have been doing breathing exercises too. A little of what I know and what I think might benefit me. I find that they soothe me after a rigorous stretch and help me concentrate and calm down. Clears my head basically. I was never good at holding my breath, now I hold my breath, quickly count till 5 and slowly release. I will slowly slow down my count so I can hold my breath calmly without panicking.

Crunches are something I enjoy most. I can cross crunch like crazy when I really want to. But not crazy like workout-o-holic crazy :).

Strength is my weak point and I buckle down when I have to push up. My arms shake and give way and I can do one or two bad push ups, that too holding the foot-board of the bed. I need more practice and strength. Time to jump into core training and body weight training. Planks are next on my list of exercises to try.

Next up: Waking up early and my failure to do so

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6 thoughts on “Stretching the limits

  1. wow!! Awesome re! 🙂
    I wish I could do crunches.. but cant yet 😦
    my walking has picked up and I am on a slightly controlled diet!

    hugs! 🙂

    • Good to know Sugar. However I am not trying to lose weight. I am trying to lose some fat and replace it with muscle weight. I can actually do with a couple more kilos 🙂 All the best for your lifestyle changes.

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