Waking up early and related lifestyle changes

Call me for an all-nighter and I’ll be game any day. But tell me I need to wake up early to do something and I’ll probably lie that I will definitely be up and then keep snoozing the alarm. Of course except when I need to travel or trek. Then, I hardly sleep and wake up earlier than everybody else. And on normal days I get lazy and sleep in till 8 am! I find that on days when I coax myself out of bed before 6:30 am, I am fresher and livelier and bounce with a new energy that only early morning fresh air bring.

So what is with this problem of waking up late? Do I even intend to remedy it? What do I need to do to be able to comfortably experience the freshness of the mornings without feeling like I’m losing out on my sleep.

Everybody has an inner clock, which is also called biological clock. Our body works according to that clock which might or might not coincide with the regular clocks that we use. That is the reason some people are early birds and some night owls. I am comfortably the latter. I can stay awake until the wee hours in the morning. I just need to pass my regular bed-time and I can be up for a long time. As usual my body requires 8 hours of sleep which makes me sleep in during the morning. And that is how my own body clock work.

My aim is to change this pattern a little. I want to be able to sleep by 10:30 or 11 pm and wake up by 6am. Hence getting around 7 hours of sleep, which I believe my body should be able to do with. Imagine what all I can do with those extra two hours in the morning. My running and workout schedule can be handled well, so I am left with some free time in the evening to do some more useful things. I do have some plans on what to do when I wake up early, but lets not talk about it before it is done.

I know that tweaking the inner clock might not be that easy. It will definitely take a lot of will power and some incentive to get me out of bed. And I need to make a lot of lifestyle changes. Here is what I plan to cultivate, not necessarily in that order.

1. Early dinner: Eat at least an hour before going to sleep.

2. Exhaustive day: Nothing makes one fall flat on the bed than a laborious day.

3. Healthy mind:  If the mind is healthy without any thoughts, sleep will no more be elusive.

4. Complete the tasks of the day: Trying to accomplish whatever was planned for the day will avoid the thoughts about what all is left and the contemplation time before sleep can be decreased.

5. Healthy relationship: With the husband that is. Helps to have a nice conversation just before drifting off to sleep.

6. Planning for the next day: Plan for the next day after dinner and list out the to-dos either mentally or on a notepad. Helps to remind the mind that there is a big day ahead and that waking up gives a head-start.

7. Have goals: It might be personal or professional or both. Having a goal helps serve the purpose of achieving discipline in lifestyle in order to strive towards achieving that goal.

8. Less TV/laptop time: Decrease the time spent in watching TV or working on laptop by half and thereby sparing more time to finish pending tasks for the day. I practically don’t watch TV so that means I should cut down on internet time.

I am hoping for me to soon be able to follow all of them. Right now I’ll start slow and take them on one at a time.

And on the working out front. I played a great game of shuttle badminton on Sunday that I have a very sore arm. Reminded me to buy the second racquet so I can play with the husband. And have been pretty consistent with walking everyday. All in all I am OK with how I am progressing though I am yet to get started with the core strength and body weight balancing training.

I shall treat myself something besides a good pair of shoes this very weekend if I am consistent with the waking up schedule. Yep my little incentive.



14 thoughts on “Waking up early and related lifestyle changes

  1. I absolutely LOVE waking up at 6 AM 🙂
    I am usually up by 6 and go for a walk and then I’m bright and cheerful!
    But, with the knee – its been slightly more erratic and my morning walks have dwindled badly!

  2. All the best for the change! 🙂
    I do think that the body clock is change-able. Back in college I was totally a night owl. Now, I find it difficult to stay awake after 10.30! And you are right-morning air is just so refreshing!

  3. I am a morning person for sure. I usually wake up at 5 and do my exercises and sometimes jog. I feel that there is so much to do in a day that it is a sin to sleep for more than 7 hours. 😛

    • I am myself trying to incorporate those points. Thats why I had to think practically before writing them down. Now that everybody mentions that they can wake up without trouble, I’m thinking may be theres something wrong with me! 😕

  4. I have always been a morning person. Many years of hostel life too failed to change me.
    But seriously it totally depends from person to person. as long as you are able to fit in all the tasks you wish to accomplish in 24 hours in your daily schedule, it shouldn’t be a point of worry whether you are a morning person or a night person.

    Good luck in your endeavors 😀

    • Yes I know. But weirdly I like it when I wake up early. The freshness in the air, the joy in the heart is simply inexplicable. And yet, my body clock is a night owl. Thats why I am trying to change it.

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