Aftermath of the festive furore

So all of you had a great Gowri Ganesha? I did, except for the climax, which I don’t want to talk about.

I had kept Ganesha at home this time. A tradition that I wanted to begin and did. It was a super cute clay idol without any paint, save for the three vibhooti and golden crown. Yes, had to compromise because there wasn’t an idol without any paint on. Next time, I’ll make my own. Plans ha!

Since none of the single friends were in-town, we decided that it was going to be a simple and small affair. However invited few of the married friends. My mom and dad ended up at our house in the last moment due to change in plans and I was happy that we had people for festival at home.  Puja was simple and got over by 10 am. It was the food preparation that took me very long. First, I was starving, second, people were driving me  up the wall and the blaring TV was unbearable. Ganesha taught me to prepare simple food next time around. But this time it was pallya, kosambari, karigadubu, rice, hoLige saaru.  Of course mom did the saaru and I helped. Sorry for the non-kannada folks, it is pretty difficult to translate and describe all that. If you are interested for recipes drop me a mail or comment, I’ll send them to you.

We also visited the husband’s office, because it is like a resort and so cool that he can take his family to see on what kind of chair he sits and how eco-friendly the office is.

We wanted to do Ganpati visarjan the same day but due to unexpected circumstances and also because I was dead tired due to all the cooking and doing chores that I decided to keep him at home for 2 more days.

Did the visarjan on Friday night at 10pm in a bucket and he melted into soil in an hour. I’m definitely going only mud Ganesha all the years that I am going to host him at home.

The result of all the hype and hoopla of the festival was that my fitness and diet routine got screwed up. Though I didn’t mind a two-week slip, getting back is going to be a real challenge. After all that oil and sweet that has gone in, I need to make sure that I sweat it all out. Cleaning up is taking a while as things are all over the place. And there is so much stuff to get done that I feel 24 hrs is not enough in a day. I need to take a deep breath and prioritize things this evening.  Go on a run and sit and think, is what I am planning to do.

Hope you all had a good one too.

Next up: Fitness update (yes, another one :))

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9 thoughts on “Aftermath of the festive furore

  1. oh yes.. it was quite an aftermath for me too.. except since i usually celebrate festivals in Madras so i feel all festival-ly I left that behind me on return!

    hope you can get your home back in order in no time and waiting for the fitness update too!

    • This is the eco-friendly Ganesha that everybody is advocating. I hope people realize the worth of gifts of nature and not spoil it by immersing painted or plaster of paris Ganeshas. Also the flowers and other things used for Puja need to be put under a tree for decomposing and not into water-bodies.

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