Getting back to routine and not stopping it ever again

A lot of traveling can make one very happy and exhausted at the same time. But there are other things it can do too. Like make your regular eating and workout routines go haywire, give you an awful tan and make you look fat.
We here at the Coffee House have been traveling a lot since two months. It all started with a trek, followed by another trek, followed by another very testing trek, followed by a trip to Goa, followed by travel for Deepavali. Huh! That’s a lot of traveling for two months.

Due to not paying attention to maintaining my routine, I ate a lot of unhealthy food and didn’t workout. Hence the looking fat part. Now I can officially say that I am fat. I can see the Tyre in the pictures (which I will obviously not share here). Sigh! Now I realize how important it is to not forget your important goals. I will have to start all over again and right now it is TOUGH! Very tough.

I have also got this awful tan, thanks to the Goan sun. I need to do home-made tan removal everyday.

Tomorrow starts a new week and with it will start my very strict regimen. I WILL have to lose the fat. This post goes to prove how important a role this blog plays in my life. It is just not very organized.

Eating routine

– Good healthy filling breakfast

– Very small portion of lunch

– Eggs/Fruits and salad for dinner

. No junk food whatsoever

. Drink at least 3 ltrs of water everyday

. No coffee/tea

Workout routine

– Start stretching everyday and add exercises progressively

– Start using dumbbells regularly

– Run at least twice a week

. No skipping the routine whatsoever

Things to remember

* Donot forget regular routines even when traveling

* Find a way to do something or the other which would make me stay in touch with my routines.

* Donot stop respecting/caring for my skin and body in the rush of travel


12 thoughts on “Getting back to routine and not stopping it ever again

  1. getting back to routine after a break is so painful…i am yet to conquer the attitude of the laziness while on a holiday and gorging on unnecessary foods!

    but 3 treks must have done wonders to your body and mind,no?

  2. Goa gave me a massive tan too. It took months to get rid of it. 🙂
    And I have to give up running soon because it is getting very cold here. I am looking at other indoors cardio options.

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