Why the Monday blues?

I don’t usually dread any day. However, come Monday, I just don’t want to open my eyes and see the new week staring at me. But once I am up and about, I’m good for the next four days. Today was no different. I planned to wake up early, but as luck would have it I couldn’t sleep last night and woke up due to a nightmare at 3am. I reset my alarm to 7am and went back to sleep only to snooze the alarm until I woke up @ 9am.

Yea right, go ahead and have a laugh you all. I am lazy on most Mondays. I don’t know what it is, but the prospect of waking up getting ready and heading out doesn’t make me happy at all. My eyes shut close so tight I have to literally stumble around for sometime. I have no energy for the first half of the day. By this evening, I am sure I’ll be on my feet and planning for the next day already. So why the starting problem?

I know it is the weekend hangover. But when I know that I have to get back to work every Monday, shouldn’t my mind get automatically wired to work accordingly? Why do I have to face the disappointment on seeing a Monday, as if I expected any different?

So weird and inconvenient!


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