Of being directionless

Yea yea, you know it all and I”ve said it all. If I’m honest to my core anywhere, it is here. And I’ve bared it all before. Still something irks. Something doesn’t feel right. Something is amiss.

I have a job and I fairly like what I do. I have a good husband and a decent family who don’t tear each other’s heads off in turbulent times. Things are pretty good. I can easily say that I have a good life. However, my inner self misses something. Something that makes me feel alive. Doesn’t mean that right now I feel like a vegetable. I feel fairly excited with stuff that goes on. But I want more. I want to live to the fullest. I want to have a blast. I want to celebrate life in my own terns. i want to absolutely LOVE what  I do. For that I have to first find out what I want to do. Dang! Only if it was simpler.

It is plenty apparent that nothing is going on with my life right now. Nothing that is making me go giddy with the rush. Nothing making my heart swell with satisfaction. So I reluctantly involve myself in the mundane.

I need some words of advice as to how to find my direction in life. Please drop in comments and links to articles which might be helpful.

Now I’ll go back and debug the darn code.


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