However much I try not to, I end up having expectations from people. I know it is normal but it also almost always is hurtful and leads to disappointment. I know it is not the person but my expectation out of him/her that has hurt me. And every time I make a note not to expect anything from anyone, and every time, seemingly unknowingly I would’ve had some kind of expectation.

I’m not saying this in a pessimistic way, rather a matter of fact way. I don’t like getting hurt. Why does? And I don’t want to blame it on someone else either, the same way I wouldn’t be ready to take blame for someone else’s hurt. So it seems only logical to try to avoid the cause of it all.

Looks like it isn’t as easy to do as it is to think of. I realize that my subconscious is not really in my control. Yet. Any pointers that would help? Meditation? Yoga anyone?


9 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. It;s normal to have high expectations. But, perso experience taught me not to expect too much and I try to be happy this way. quite complex coz no matter what we say, we are bound to expect but try not to make them to high and not hurt the self. life is beautiful:)

  2. It is indeed possible to handle it efficiently! Sure, Yoga & meditation would help transform the individual ‘within’; depending on the intensity of the yoga practices, the individual can definitely reach a state where he/she would not perturbed by the outer circumstances; not weighed down by the expectations.

      • Well, I do respect your comment but there was one line in my comment, which mentioned ” depending on the intensity of yoga practices”. This differentiates whether the individual attains nirvana or live, disappointment filled life!

      • I’m sure you must have fallen ill sometime and taken medicine for that. Then you must know that no two people react the exact same way to medicine. You can take the same medicine for two days and be cured but you can’t say that I’d be cured in 2 days with the same medicine right? In fact I might not even get cured by that medicine and might have to take a different one or go on for a different treatment altogether. Everybody is different in how their body, mind and soul work. I’m not an expert, but it is surely not wise to expect everybody to be cured by yoga.

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