Heerekai chutney (Ridgegourd chutney)

I’m all about trying out new things. Even with food. I like trying out different cuisines and try to cook new dishes every now and then. I have taken to googling and youtube-ing the dishes lately, after a long break.

A heerekai was lying in my fridge since a few days and was pretty dry. I didn’t have the heart to throw it out. So here is Heerekai chutney recipe that I tried out and it turned out fabulous. Unfortunately, it was all gone before I was able to take a picture. Courtesy, our rumbling stomachs on a Sunday morning. It is very simple and matched perfectly with the neer-dosa that I had made.

If you have/know a different version of the recipe, please do leave links in the comments section.


Coconut (fresh grated) – 1 cup (can reduce according to your taste, add in increments while grinding)

Heerekai (Ridge gourd) – 1 medium (ridges peeled and cut into bite sized pieces)

Green chillies – 4-5 (according to the hotness)

Black gram (uddinbeLe) – 1 tbsp

Jeera – 1/4 tbsp

Tamarind – Ball the size of a gooseberry (can alter according to taste later)

Coriander leaves – half a handful

Salt to taste



Heat a tbsp oil in a pan.

Add black gram and stir for a while.

When the gram starts turning slightly brown, add jeera, chillies, cut gourd and fry.

When the gourd is fried well (tender) add tamarind and coriander leaves and fry for around half a minute.

Just before turning off heat, add coconut and stir and let the mixture cool.

Grind the cooled mixture by adding salt and water as required.

Optional: Can temper mustard and curry leaves for garnishing.

Serve with dosa, chapati or even hot rice with ghee.



4 thoughts on “Heerekai chutney (Ridgegourd chutney)

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