Bellulli uppittu (Garlic upma)

Upma/uppittu is my go-to food. It is very easy to make and is ready in 15 minutes. But I am kind of bored with eating the same old upma. I don’t even like it very much.

Today was one such day where I woke up late and had to whip up something because people at home were hungry (including me). That gave me the only option of uppittu. But thankfully, my mind processed the available ingredients and came up with a different plan. I made bellulli uppittu, which turned out too good. So I thought I’d share the recipe for those who’d need a quick fix during mornings.


Grated coconut = 3-4 tbsp

Garlic cloves = 3-4 (make sure it is not too overwhelming)

Red chillies = 4-5 (according to the hotness and your taste)

Onion = one small

Curry leaves = 3-4

Oil = 5 tbsp (I use more oil for small rava than I use for bansi rava)

Mustard = 1 tsp

Jeera = 1/2 tsp

Black gram dal = 1 tsp

Chickpeas dal = 1 tsp

Upma rava (small) – 1 and half cup

Water = 3 cups (use your regular upma measurement)

Salt to taste

Lemon juice to taste (usually 1 tbsp)



Grind coconut and garlic to a fine paste.

Add red chillies to the mixi and grind coarsely. Keep aside.

Heat oil, splutter mustard and jeera

Add black gram dal and chickpeas dal and fry for a while.

Now add ground mixture and fry.

Add onions, curry leaves and saute.

Add little salt at this point so the onions get salted and cooked fast.

If the mixture starts to stick to the bottom, add little water from the measured amount and cook until onion are tender.

Now add the rest of the water, salt, lemon juice and bring to boil.

Check taste and alter.

Add roasted rava to the water and stir as you do regular upma.

Cover the list and take off the heat. Allow it to stand for 5 minutes before serving.



2 thoughts on “Bellulli uppittu (Garlic upma)

  1. as it is I’m hungry.. even upma sounds delicious now!! 😛
    will try it out.. even I’m not a big fan of uppittu!!

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