Davanagere benne dose (butter dosa Davanagere style)

Did I mention that I LOVE benne dose? Not any benne dose, it has to be Davanagere benne dose (Davanagere butter dosa). Benne is butter and dose is dosa. My maternal grandma’s home is in Davanagere, so every time I visit, I have my first breakfast at the Ravi benne dose hotel. Ravi uncle’s father used to be my grandma’s neighbour. He used to run a benne dose hotel called Mahadevappa benne dose. They had cows and buffaloes at their house and used home made butter for the dosas. He was and probably is called benne Mahadevappa. I am used to eating dosas prepared by their family since childhood. Now Ravi uncle carries on the tradition and makes awesome dosas at his hotel, which is a few kilometers from my grandma’s home.

I have tried the so called Davanagere benne dosa at various hotels in Bangalore. None gave me that authentic taste. There was always something missing and I couldn’t eat however much I wanted and whenever I wanted. Then started my frantic hunt for the authentic recipe. Of course internet didn’t disappoint me. I found two recipes and I ended up combining both to make dosa for breakfast today (result of having too much butter at hand). It turned out absolutely finger-licking delicious. Husband had four of the dosas, yes the heavy duty buttered ones. So I can safely say that the recipe works. Though I’d make a few alterations the next time around.

Ingredients for Dosa:

Dosa rice (tindi akki) = 1 and a half cup

Puffed rice (mandakki) = 1 cup (next time I’ll use less than that)

Flattened rice (avalakki) = 1 cup (again will reduce next time)

Fenugreek seeds (methi) = 1/4 tbsp

Yellow lentils (togaribele) = 1/4 tbsp (my addition)

Black gram dal (ussina bele) = Less than 3/4 cup

Salt to taste

Plain flour(maida) = 1 tbsp

Sugar = 1 tsp (will reduce next time)


Soak rice, lentils and fenugreek seeds together for around 6 hours. Soak puffed rice and flattened rice separately for 3-4 hours.

Grind the soaking ingredients separately and mix together by hand. Let it ferment overnight. (Grind before going to sleep)

In the morning, add the plain flour, sugar and salt to the mixture and mix well. Add water to bring to the right (dosa) consistency. (Usually my regular dosa dough will be very thin, I made this a little thicker as we used mandakki and avalakki which would create a lot of air which will thin the dosa)

Ingredients for Chutney:

Grated coconut = 1 and half cup

Green chillies = 6-7 (medium hot ones)

Cloves = 3-4

Ginger = 1 inch

Black gram dal (dry roasted) = 2 tbsp

Kadale/ hurigadle (pre roasted chickpea dal) = 1/4 cup

Tamarind = 1 inch (deseed and add directly to the mixi)


Grind all the ingredients using little water and salt. Check for hotness midway and add more chillies if required. The chutney needs to be very hot as the potato palya will be bland and we use a lot of butter in the dosa which will reduce the hotness.

Don’t make it into a fine paste. Let it be a little coarse.


Method for Aloogadde palya (potato curry):

Boil, peel and mash the potatoes. Slice onions thinly and boil with little water (or microwave for 5-6 min). Mix both by adding little salt to taste. If it is too powdery, add little water and make it into a thick paste.


Making dosas:

Heat dosa tava (preferably thick bottomed iron skillet) to high and sprinkle water to check it is absolutely hot. Now reduce heat and sprinkle more water to bring down the heat a little.

Pour a ladleful of batter and make into dosa. Don’t make it too thin.

Increase flame to medium-high. Keep watching for the thicker edges to get slightly cooked.

Now start adding very small dollops of butter all over the dosa. Add more in the crevices than the ridges. It will make the dosa crisp.

Let it cook until the dosa turns dark brown.

Lift the dosa and cook on the other side by lowering the flame. Add more butter if you feel like (I didn’t).

Turn back on to the first face and let it simmer for half a minute before serving it.

In this style, dosas are served with palya alongside the dosa and not inside it.


Update: Here are the links from where I got the recipe.



21 thoughts on “Davanagere benne dose (butter dosa Davanagere style)

  1. OMG your story up here is awesome 🙂 And I’ve never used maida and sugar in my dosa – another thing to try. But after reading this post honestly, I just want to come over and eat your dosa. Given I’m in Bangalore I suppose I should run around asking for Davanagere benne dosa?!? Any places you’d suggest for authentic benne dosas?

    • Among the places I’ve had it, I liked it at this small hotel in Jayanagar 4th block, near the complex. Though the people are not from Davanagere and the dosa is not authentic, it comes quite close and does definitely satisfy the urge. Second comes Nalapak in Rajajinagar. Some people also recommend the one in Basavangudi, but I’ve not tried it. But honestly, just try the recipe out, it is easier than I thought it would be.

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  6. But potato masala I have eaten and made many times why is it white ?
    There is no turmeric ,mustard chillies curry leaves initially I though it is white butter ok I’ll consider it as butter on the side with coconut chutney ,I liked it ,my family enjoyed this dosa very much.

    • That is the way it is made to accompany with the Davanagere benne dose. It is usually bland only with a hint of salt. That is mostly to balance out the hotness of the chutney.

  7. You can try out authentic davengere benne dosa as good as original Ravi davengere dosa at yummy , near old Yelahnka police station. It is on allalsandra main road in gosix building.

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