I have been thinking a lot lately about how to tell something to someone. I am wondering about their reaction to what I’m about to tell them.

I am worried that they might take it in a negative sense. It is directly related to me and my life, in fact a very important decision of my life that also involves them because they are family. The thing is, I have already made the decision without consulting them. It is not that I don’t respect their views, it is just that I feel the decision should be taken by me and my husband together and not include anyone else in the process.

Now when I think of breaking the news to them, I always end up thinking what they will think and how they will respond. They will mostly be furious in the beginning and then try to force their involvement. In which case, I would refuse point blank. They are welcome to help but not go against what I’ve already decided. Which would further hurt their ego and become cause for a showdown.

That, or they might become completely cold and stop talking to me. Which I would have to be fine with eventually.

What I am going through is emotional turmoil of having to explain everything I do in my life. Can I just not do what I want and they simply get it? The problem is I want them to understand that though they are a part of my life, they cannot make decisions about it nor can they not respect my decisions. I want them to be supportive in a friendly way, and not smother me with their obsession. And the problem is, though they are supportive, well, mostly, they don’t understand. They simply think that I have no respect for their feelings.

This has been going on over and again in my head and I keep repeating the lines in my head of I would say and what they would respond and what would then happen. The scenario is playing out in my head again and again. I’m finally going to talk to them this evening. *Fingers crossed* Hope it doesn’t end up in a shouting match.


6 thoughts on “Abstract

  1. sometimes, we gotta take decision concerning our lives. Okay, some people close to us may not understand but it is a question of our lives. This is what I believe and taking a decision does not mean that we don’t respect them but it is a question of our lives:)

    • I agree Vishal. That is what I think too, however I’m quite the person who doesn’t like to see others unhappy. Though I’ve stopped guilt tripping myself, I keep thinking about ‘if only’s.

  2. I finally got my feedly up and running on my new laptop with user unfriendly Windows 8!
    But hey, hope all’s well with you. I’ve crossed my fingers too with you. Keep the faith and take the leap. Think of the positive outcome of it and you’ll get the courage to face them. Good luck!

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