Mind off matters

My brain has been refusing to work for work. As in I am unable to concentrate on anything related to office anymore. Is it the work? Or the brain? or the weather? It must be the weather. It has been so beautiful since a few days now, that all I want to do is gaze outside the window, stand on the terrace and hug the breeze, cook up something spicy to accompany the rain, or sleep until late in the morning and dream. Because it is cloudy and sleepy during mornings.

But the point is, I can’t work. I don’t want to. And I have to put more effort at work now that I am learning something new. Yea that would be my luck. If it was my old stuff, I’d have done it without even thinking about it. I don’t want to learn this new thing. It doesn’t let me enjoy my days. And yes, I’m here to complain because people at office think I’m very good at learning new stuff and don’t listen to me. Duh.


10 thoughts on “Mind off matters

  1. As human beings, we tend to resist learning new things and I am a living example. I’ve become very lazy and i thk it got to do with the cold weather..have lotsa coffee and see the effect:)

    • Yep, waiting for the coffee powder to arrive from Coorg 🙂 I’ve exhausted my stock. New learning is fine with me as long as I want to. Right now I don’t want to 😛

  2. I totally think its the weather!! I kind if have gone from admiring the weather to totally losin it because it seems to go on and on and on. I must say I’m getting ready for the sun. Work has totally been lagging precisely for this reason! I hear ya!!

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