The monsoon post that is not happening

Weather has been crazy in Bengaluru. Rain lashed hard on a few days, lazily drizzled on some and has been absent for most  of the time. Being here for a long time now, I am expecting it to start raining incessantly any time now. I think it is time, it is July for heaven’s sake.

Only.But. It. Doesn’t.

I get all fuzzy and cozy and pleasant when it rains and plan a post in my head. I simply have to do a post dedicated to the rains. But then, the mood fazes as does the rain. And I’m left staring at the sky during evenings praying fervently for it to gather some dark mysterious clouds so it can at the very least drizzle some if not pour.

Did you know that I hate summers? I hate the heat, the sweat, the staying indoors during the day, the terrible sun burn everything. I used to like it long time back, for the two reasons – that we got holidays during the season and we got mangoes. Now I don’t have any reason as I don’t go to school and we don’t get good supply of good mangoes around here. So I don’t have to pretend to be looking forward to summers.

My mood instantly improves, no matter what the situation, during monsoon. Rains have this something special in them, almost like a healing quality that makes me smile and just enjoy the moment. Improved mood carries on all the way through winter until after the arrival of new year.

But this time, I’m left high and dry waiting and wishing for those drops  to descend and cool my body and soothe my mind. Also so that I can do that post which can happen only in a certain mood, which, only the rains can bring in.

Lets see when that is going to happen.


6 thoughts on “The monsoon post that is not happening

  1. I hope it rains! Here as well as there!!
    I hate summer here too! Its too hot, too dry and there are fires and fire warnings everywhere!!
    Its so easy to get dehydrated! :-/

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