My all time favourite foods

After reading Pixie’s post, food has been on my mind. Yes, blog posts can have such adverse effects. So read this at your own risk 🙂

In no particular order these are the foods that I crave for at all times.

Masale dose (masala dosa for the non-kannada folks) : I love the darshini vareity not the hotel vareity. Hotel ones are too thin and not all that tasty. I love it esp. at Adigas. Janatha hotel in Malleswaram serves some of the best masala dosa. Atleast it used to. I haven’t visited lately.

Davanagere benne dose : This one has to be the authentic vareity. I did a whole post about the dosa and recipe. It is irresistable and filled with calories. Handle with care.

Masala puri/pani puri: I couldn’t decide which I like more among these two. I make it at home too but I like it best from roadside stalls. My favourite roadside stall is in RC road Hassan. A very close second is from chat shop in Somwarpet. Here in Bangalore I have it from a stall near to my home.

Churmuri: This has to be the good old churmuri not the contemperory bhel puri that is all gooey and wet. It has to be dry and spicy, done the old way. I should say I like the one I make at home best.

Thalipittu: It is also called masale rotti. I like it loaded with onions, coriander, sabsige soppu and carrot. Accompanied by awesome coconut chutney. I make them only on weekends as it takes up a lot of time and energy. I haven’t had any good ones anywhere outside.

Vaggarne avalakki (dry): This is my go to snack. I like whatever I make. To have it during evenings with tea is simply wow.

Nuggekai (drumstick) sambar: This is my favorite among sambars. And I like it a bit more sour than regular. Nuggekai’s are simply awesome to have in sambar.

Pineapple pastry: The best I’ve had until now is from Spencers. I can’t explain the feeling of when I take the first bite, the juice simply explodes in my mouth. Yumm!

Rave dose (rava dosa): I have taken liking to it quite recently, after I ate it at hotel Madhuram. I tried at home and it turned out awesome.  So now I’m hooked. My combination is to have it with tomato chutney or heerekai chutney.

Gulab jamun: How can I leave out my favourite sweet? I don’t have a sweet tooth, but if I had to pick one as my favourite this would be it. And now I’m craving jamuns, gosh!


9 thoughts on “My all time favourite foods

  1. All of them are my fave too!! Except Churmuri – not a huge fan! 😉
    And yes, nuggekai sambar as well! Just had it a couple of nights back!! 😀

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