Vegetable Minestrone

Yes, the soup, the Italian soup that I had at Grill Maximus and went gaga over. I tried it out, after having watched a lot of you tube videos. And it turned out beautifully, only a little too much in quantity for the both of us. Sorry no pic though.

It is pretty easy actually. Like a clean up your fridge kind of recipe. So here goes what I did.


Handful of diced potatoes, carrot, lauki(I’m too lazy to find the English word- bottle gourd??)

Handful of shredded cabbage

Can add diced zucchini if you can find some.

Basically any other vegetable you can think of and like

Boiled kidney beans/ any other beans you are fond of

Handful small pasta (any kind, I could only find the macaroni alphabets so I used them)

1 and half tomatoes purée d (run through mixie)

Handful finely chopped onion

One small grated clove of garlic

Handful chopped coriander (I couldn’t find fresh Basil, it is highly recommended)

Oregano, salt and chilli flakes for taste


Heat two tbsp oil in a thick bottomed saucepan/deep thick bottomed vessel on medium flame.

Fry the onion and garlic until onion starts turning brown

Add all the vegetables and fry for a couple of minutes

Add the kidney beans and tomato puree and boil

Add salt, oregano, chilli flakes and boil (make sure to add little at a time and check taste, you can’t take back what you add)

Boil it lid closed on medium flame for around 20 minutes/veggies turn tender.

Now add the pasta and boil it without closing lid (small pasta takes around 10 minutes to cook)

After the pasta is cooked, check taste again and alter.

Remove the vessel from flame and sprinkle coriander and serve hot with some whole grain bread (not the sweet ones we find at stores).

Add fresh Basil if you can find.

Note: skip or add any ingredient/s according to your taste buds.


4 thoughts on “Vegetable Minestrone

    • Soups are nice in windy and cold weather. Especially during evenings. Hot spicy ones are my favourite. Try this one, it is real easy and tastes good too.

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