Nostalgia hits

I was watching random youtube videos about food and hit upon this video of street food in Pune. I was immediately transported back to my days there. I like the city, the people and the food. I reminisced the times we friends used to just roam around and eat on the streets and do time pass. It isn’t the same now that I’m in Bangalore. If I want to eat out, I specifically go to eat and come back no roaming around involved. May be it is the age or the company but roaming around aimlessly in Bangalore is certainly not my thing. First the traffic gets my nerves, secondly Bangalore is spread out and my favourite hangouts are too. Let me not complain about now and live my memories once again. Craving so huge for vada pav, kandha pohe and kandha bhajji has hit me that I will have to do something for it.

And I cannot forget the legendary Cad-M and Cad-B that I used to eat near Karishma Restaurant in Kothrud. Guys running the Cad-M shop, please open branches in Bangalore too. Please please. I promise to eat there twice each month. Promise.


8 thoughts on “Nostalgia hits

  1. Pune has its own charms with street food and hawkers selling stuffs near Sagar Arcade on FC Road and JM Road. I could connect so much with this post. I love Karishma which is a very nice place to hang out:)

      • I am not from Pune but lived in Oxford of The East for some four years. Unfortunately, I am not in Pune right now and looking forward to be back soon. I am salivating also and can’t wait to go back coz it’s in Pune where the heart lies:)

      • Oh alright. I’m thinking I’ll make a yearly visit to Pune. For old times sake. I don’t live there either. And I’m not a Maharashtrian. Lived there for around 5 yrs.

    • Oh this is great news. Never heard of their rebranding though. Not like I have thousand friends in pune updating me. πŸ™‚ So let me check this out. Thanks a lot.

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