What a wonderful day

That is what I felt when I went for a walk this morning, albeit at 8am. Courtesy (for the feeling, not for 8am), the huge heavy overhanging dark grey clouds and the light drizzle that lasted for around 15 minutes. I sat there, in the park watching it shower, so very mildly. The drops, they seemed like little snowflakes. And the sound they made when they fell on the green, ah, there is something so soothing in it. It wasn’t heavy, there was no thunder and lightening, the works. Though it would’ve been beautiful too, in its own way. But this was something very subtle, as if the rain was concerned about the plants getting hurt.

Green is so pleasing to the eye, isn’t it? More so when it is soaked wet and dripping raindrops and/or filled with raindrops or early morning dew. Have you smelt the rain? I do, every time it starts raining, if I’m anywhere near the ground, I open my senses and take a deep breath. The smell of earth getting wet is simply amazing, but the smell of the rain itself is undescribable.

Cloudy/rainy/grey is usually associated with emotions like depression, morose and sadness. It has the exact opposite effect on me. It opens up my mind, lets the thoughts flow freely and fills my heart with joy that sun can never bring.

And of course, makes me want to write posts like this.

I have always dedicated at least one post in a year to rains. It has been the norm ever since I started blogging. Simply because I love the rain so much and it makes me happy.

I knew it wouldn’t rain much longer, so I sat my time out in the park. Once the drops became scarce, I finished my walk and came home, happier than when I left.

I wish it would rain more often and better in here and make every day as wonderful as it is today.


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