Rotis from leftover pulao

I love pulao and so does my entire family. So I usually make large quantities so we can eat for longer duration. However, when a few people didn’t turn up, more than what I could eat was left over. And I couldn’t eat any more pulao. Only option was to throw it away and I didn’t have the heart to do so.

Suddenly I got an idea. If I can make boiled rice into rotis, why not pulao or any other rice? And hence pulao rotis were born. πŸ™‚


Leftover pulao

Little rice flour or even wheat flour would do

Oil to grease hands and polythene sheet

Oil to cook rotis

Dill leaves chopped (optional)

Onion chopped (optional)

Green chillies chopped (optional)


Add some rice/wheat flour to the mixi and then add the leftover pulao and crush once or twice until coarse.

Take the mixie-d pulao in a bowl and kned into a dough. Add more flour if you require. Don’t add any water.

Add oil and make the dough smooth.

Spread oil on a polythene sheet and take a ball of the dough and roll it out into rotis. Pat it with fingers if rolling is not possible. Make sure to oil the fingers well before patting.

Heat skillet on medium-high and after it is heated, cook rotis by adding little oil to both sides.

Enjoy with your choice of chutney or ketchup. I had mine with mint chutney.



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