Delicious onion dosas

I don’t like the onion dosas that are served in hotels. I love the variety that I learnt from my mom. I usually make onion dosas from the left over batter the next day. The batter would have settled and thick enough to suit it. And it is kid friendly because I’ve been eating this since I was a kid myself and still love it.

I had made benne dose yesterday and since I prepare batter in quantities more than enough for a single day, I refrigerate it and use it the next day to make paddu or other dosas. Hence, today it was onion dosa. They turned out so yummy that the husband who had initially refused to eat dosa because “bleah dosa with leftover batter” merrily ate 3 dosas.

It is very easy to prepare and what more, no chutney needed either.


Dosa batter

Onion thinly sliced longitudinally (take time to separate the rings in the slices)

Red chilli powder


Oil/ghee (clarified butter)


Heat skillet on medium-high and sprinkle water to check if its hot enough to pour the batter.

Once the water sprinkles disapper instantly, reduce heat to medium-low and sprinkle few drops more.

Ladle the batter onto the skillet and make a thick dosa (thicker than you make for masala dosa) the thickness and size of set dosa.

Now spread the onion slices on the dosa, as many as you like. Do not overload, as they will come off when you flip the dosa.

Spread oil.

Wait until the batter on top is cooked.

When you can’t see any raw batter and the bottom is still not dark brown, with the flipping spoon, press down the onions slightly into the dosa, so they don’t fly around when you flip the dosa.

Once the bottom is sufficiently cooked, flip the dosa and press down gently for the onions to get cooked. Let the heat not be on high else onions will burn and dosa won’t cook.

Once the dosa has cooked, flip it back and sprinkle red chilli powder and salt according to your taste.

Now spread a spoonful or half a spoonful of ghee on top. This is what gives and enhances the unique taste. Don’t substitute with butter or oil, ghee it has to be.

Enjoy the dosas as they are. No chutney needed. Yummy and delicious.

Of course I don’t have pics because it all went down our stomachs as they got out of the tawa 🙂


For kids, you can skip the oil and cook the dosa in ghee entirely.

Weight watchers can skip oil/ghee entirely and still find it tasty. Just make sure to make the dosa fluffy so it does not get too hard.

Also can add other thin sliced veggies/cheese for variety.

It can be accompanied with your choice of sauce/ketchup too.


5 thoughts on “Delicious onion dosas

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    • First of all, I don’t know why you have commented on a dosa/recipe post. Second thing, please mention the link to the post you are talking about at the IHM’s so I know what you are talking about. All this because I’m checking this comment so late. Sorry about that.
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