Baby A who arrived into our lives on 11 September. And ever since, been the centre of everyone’s attention at home.

More than a week after birth

More than a week after birth

I’ve been trying to write this post since she was 1 month old but I just couldn’t pen down all that was going inside my head and heart. It still is overwhelming and I’m not sure how articulate I can be. But I just wanted to share it with you people who’ve been there with me for so long. And with others too, just like that, for I’ve heard happiness increases by sharing.

It has been a like a roller-coaster ever since labour pains started and I’m still riding. She is a delight to play with and a lot of work too, given that new babies pee too often. Not that I’m complaining. Since I am her primary care-taker cum food source for now, most of my time is spent with her. So it is obvious I would be writing more about her life and my life and our lives together and stuff like that.

I’m also thinking of documenting my pregnancy journey or what I remember of it. But what I am not sure of is how often I’d be able to post, given that I have a screaming and attention seeking little thing attached to myself almost all the time.


19 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. Awww!! She looks so very adorable!! I want more pics!! 😛
    As her honourary aunt – I demand more pics! 😀

    If you need any help remembering your pregnancy journey – give me a shout out! I would be glad to fill in some of the blanks!! 😉

    Hugs babe!! I’m so so happy for you! Muah to baby A! ❤

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