Mixed feelings

Phew! Put baby A to sleep only to hear her wail half an hour later and then pick her up, do random dance routines of swaying and swirling while humming something unintelligible, trying to put her back to sleep. The cycle keeps repeating until she refuses to sleep and either wants to feed or coo. And actually I’ve learnt a lullaby from my MIL which works well on her. But I’d like to think even kids want variety.

Baby A and I’ve been staying at home sans MIL for a week now. What?! A week!! And it hasn’t gotten too frustrating yet. She isn’t too fussy and nights haven’t been a problem. Yet. I don’t want to count my chicken too early. However, it is extremely boring and lonely for me at home. I rarely get time to browse or watch TV. Nobody to talk to and the routine of feed, change diaper, put baby to sleep is getting old already. Frankly I’d like some change.

My sister is a darling and offers to take care of the baby while I catch a breath. Hubby has also been wonderful in taking her from me once he is back from office. But once they leave, I feel like crying. And I did. Today morning. I sat and cried while having breakfast. I miss my life, my office, my work, my friends, myself. And I miss my husband and sister when they are away. Its just too much of missing.

I realize I need to be around people and bring some kind of activity in my day, which doesn’t involve baby. Which brings me to this post. Why else would I be writing when I can lay my aching back to rest?


4 thoughts on “Mixed feelings

  1. I know what you mean. You crave for a change after a while. Geet and I usually leave Anika with her grandparents and go for a movie or shopping to save ourselves from going crazy. 🙂

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