A day in a new mother’s life

This was yesterday, actually. Because I couldn’t complete this post last night.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Wake up at 6:30 am. Finish morning ablutions, Cook food and eat if possible before baby wakes up.

After baby wakes, play with her, feed her and then bathe her and put her down to sleep.

I put baby A down for a nap after bath. I nicely swaddled her and rocked her to sleep. And sleep she did, all of 5 minutes. After which she decided she didn’t like very much to be swaddled and started squirming. I didn’t give up. I picked her up, swaddle and all and rocked her to sleep, once again. She fell asleep, promptly waking up after 20 minutes and this time instead of squirming she started crying. I had to un-swaddle her, after which she shrieked a high pitch shriek. I had to feed her to calm her and then she again fell asleep while I was burping her. She woke up the instant I lay her down, probably because of the bedding being cooler than my body. She spit up milk when I put her down and is right now smiling at me as if she has achieved something.

And talking of me- I have not bathed yet, my body smells of sweat and milk and baby spit-up, my hair is not combed since two days and I am hungry.

My original strategy was to take bath and finish lunch when she slept. Only, I gulped down a banana, an apple and leftover breakfast in instalments in the series of 15 minutes naps. She has refused to sleep for more than 20 minutes at a stretch.

Then in the evening, bursting of crackers started. Famous deepavali and all. I put her on my lap and rocked while she slept. When I felt she was in deep sleep, I put her down only to wake her up. She bawled her head off. I had to go to sleep with her by 9 pm. And she slept at 11.

Yea that was mostly it. And most of it repeats each day.

And now that you’ve read a pointless post about the daily schedule of a mom, you can now go back to your business.


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