Bullet update

Because that is all I can manage right now.

1. Mommy guilt is real. And real bad. I wonder if it’ll ever go away. I felt guilty for thinking of leaving her with sometime for a couple of hours so I can go see a movie on big screen.

2. Babies grow real fast. Only when I see old pics I realize how little she was and how big she is now. I should remember to enjoy her more.

3. Fit right into my old jeans which I wore first time today post pregnancy. Fist pump in the air. Yeah. But I already knew I would. 😛

4. I’m scared of making the slightest sound when Baby A is asleep. I even breathe very consciously. Yes little things can control you in ways beyond you can think.

5. Baby A has been playing all by herself for longer time now. I keep checking if she needs me but no. Breaks my heart that she doesn’t need me in front of her, all the time, now. Cue to gear up for a lot more heartbreaks to come.

6. Motherliness if not by birth, can definitely come with practice. And sleeplessness can become a habit.

7. I’m always on high alert for baby cry. I wonder if it came with the hormones.

8. I didn’t know I’d love fresh baby smell so much.


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