What does mom do when baby sleeps?

Sleep of course. Only, that lucky mom is not me. I’m up and about, doing chores and running like a headless chicken (albeit a silent one) inside the house looking for things that need getting done. Because she may be up the very next minute.

I’m usually found playing my recent favourite game of who is faster in hanging the clothes to dry. Only, I’m playing with my yesterday’s self. I open the front door, have a peek in the bedroom to make sure she’s fast asleep and literally run upstairs with the bucket load of washed clothes. I breathlessly hang them on the lines and finish clipping them there and run back in to take a peek that she hasn’t woken.

The other games played at my house are: who cooks and eats lunch faster, who takes the quickest bath ever, who reads the newspaper in 10 minutes. You get the drift.

Today I’ve played most games and skipped some. Because I love my blog, too. So I came here, to play a who types random stuff faster and posts it on the blog.

Less than 5 minutes and I got back for a minute to update this. So 6 min tops.


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