On why I am not god

Dear Baby A,

I want to make this clear for you, just in case. I am not god. I am a woman, a friend, a wife, a daughter and many other humanly forms but not god or replacement of one.

Popular belief would make you think otherwise, as explained below.

I = Mother

Mother = God

so I = God


This mother’s day, that is today, I couldn’t avoid noticing various people publicly express love, gratitude and worship for their and others’ mother (of which I am not against). But also, people share different sayings and pictures of the relationship between mom-child, which tends to point towards mother = greatness. This, I think, is not the truth.

Human mothers, like in all species that give birth, take great pains to carry a child and give birth. They become primary caretakers (in Indian set-up) for the baby and bring them up. Which I think is nothing to brag about. The relationship between a mother and child does not become special just because of this reason. It, like any other relationship, should be nurtured and taken care of, by both parties involved. Only then does it blossom into something special.

I wouldn’t give birth to you if I couldn’t do all I can to take care of you. It is not greatness, it is my will to be committed to my decision, no matter what. I don’t automatically become special to you just because I am your mother. If we understand, love and respect each other, now that will be something special. Never idolize me, please. Never think of me as epitome of sacrifice. If I give up something for you, then it is because of my own wish. I will not be unhappy because of it. You don’t have to compensate it with something else. Also, don’t expect me to give up everything you expect. I won’t, if I don’t feel like it. That doesn’t mean I don’t love you. It only means you have an unreasonable request, which can’t be fulfilled.

I will not spoon feed you through your life. I will help you.  But you better learn your life-skills early and be ready to take it from there. I will always be there for you. But I will also be where I want to be. I too have a life to live, you see.

I want you to have all the happiness that there is and joy, fun, success, health, wealth and all that. But I also want you to have responsibility, common sense, dignity, empathy and decency. Care for your family, friends, country and environment. This is my wish for you. If I can pass this on to you, nothing will make me happier. Not that mother’s day wish you will send (I hope not) me this day few years later.

Today, I don’t feel special just because someone decided to name it mother’s day. I refuse to be celebrated only on one day and that too because I am a mother. I want your and others’ love and respect every day. I want your acknowledgement everyday.

All that I’ve told you till now, I’m sure, is pointing towards my non-greatness and very human-ness. Please believe it. For it is the truth I want to tell you through this letter. I am not great, I am flawed, I am human. Just like you. Just like all humans.

Just so you know, I don’t believe in celebrating someone only on one day. I won’t mind if you want to wish me, but I’d be glad if you gave those cheesy archies greeting cards a miss.

Much love,



14 thoughts on “On why I am not god

  1. That is so down to earth post.. you know that’s what mothers are. . Will give their right hand for their child and not blink a eyelid. . God won’t do that..He had lot of others to think of.

    They say because God got busy with all that was going on.. He made mother to do his work..

    Happy mothers day..hope you had a great day..

    • Bikram, the saying is exactly what I don’t agree with and hence the title of the post.
      It is “God couldn’t be everywhere and hence he created mothers”. It means mothers are a replacement for god, which they are not. It is exactly this larger than life image of mothers is what I don’t like. We are nothing great.
      My day was just the usual.

      • Yesssss.. point noted .. Thank you. πŸ™‚

        but for me my mom is god, I haven’t seen god , but i see her and she has probably done more that what God would have done or done ..

      • No , its not that. I myself have reached a age where I dont expect anything from anyone.

        but has anyone seen god, who knows what is god ..

        ok let me rephrase .. I am suddenly lost for words πŸ™‚

        She is not god because she cant do all those miracles and give me all that i wanted or want.. or fulfill all my wishes .. But I am sure she will do all that she can to do so ..

        and that for me is enough πŸ™‚ how about this

      • If nobody has seen god then why keep referring to it? I find it amusing that one should compare mother with a variable entity, whose value is defined by the one using it.
        Yes, your mother will do all she can. And that is your trust in her.

  2. Loved it!!
    You have said it all just right. I hope when the time comes, I have enough common sense to bring up a child who is his/her own person. πŸ™‚

    Glad that this “Mother’s Day” brought you out of hibernation πŸ™‚

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