Hello, anybody here?

It feels odd to write after a huge gap. Especially when I’m kind of out of sync with the blog world and only very recently started catching up again.

Reason? Baby, move to an other part of the world with baby, settling in the new country/environment/house with the baby, trying to get used to not going out a lot and still have no friggin time for myself. You know regular stuff like this.

 We moved to Australia and i traveled alone with the baby.  Gosh was I anxious!  But it went well. BabyA was not at all cranky and played well. Only she chose to play throughout the night fligiht.

Its cold here. Very cold. And the heater broke down two weeks back. It was freezing and we survived days with the help of a portable heater borrowed from a friend or taking refuge at the friend’s house. Its all mended and we are back to reading weather every morning and hoping for some sunshine.I’m typing all this from my phone in a desperate effort to post something hoping the grammar and typos will be kindly ignored. Even the content actually.

On second thoughts I could’ve just said “Hi I’m ba ck”


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