Settled in

Two months since Baby A and I are here and I can safely say we have settled in. The overwhelm has subsided together with the cold. Standing on the doorsteps of spring, it all seems so beautiful and much more happier.

In the past months I’ve seen temperatures dip like I’ve never seen before. Shopping too much, a visit to the hospital for  Baby A’s pulled elbow which had me realize how we take small things for granted. Both of us realized what being a parent did to our tear glands. She is fine now and apparently it is a very common thing for babies to get their elbows pulled. For a half an hour of seeing the doctor and getting the thing fixed, we had to wait for four hours. And with a baby in pain and her being your first you too anxious as it is, it doesn’t help, all the wait.

We went and saw the kangaroos; finally. I always imagined them to be bigger and the ones I saw were kind of too small. And the baby thought they were dogs and kept saying “bow bow” the whole time.

I’ve gotten back to listening to music, which is improving my mood. Especially this one that I stumbled upon accientally.

I love Sherlock and I love rock. It was just too much to handle.

By the way I have nothing to watch everyday after putting the baby to sleep since the latest season of The Big Bang Theory episodes are over. Never thought about this situation.

Alright then, I think that’s about it for today. I just had to come here and say hello while I was feeling happy. Strange how the reason for my blogging has done a complete 180.


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