Promises… to myself


Everyday I will strive to

  • be a little better than I was yesterday. Physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • work towards my GOAL. One step at a time.
  • do something that makes me happy.
  • do something that makes someone else happy.
  • be a little more patient than yesterday.
  • have more faith than I do.
  • trust, encourage and uplift myself.
  • make and record more memories.
  • smile more.
  • decrease internet usage.
  • increase personal interaction.
  • judge less.
  • become a person my older self would be proud of.

Well, it is 4th consecutive day of my workout schedule and It is true, that the fire which comes from self, doesn’t extinguish in few days, like external ones do. I learnt that it is not the bits and pieces that I need to better about me. I need to be better from inside out, mentally and physically to make efforts to get myself to a happy place. I am just a little bit better and have been striving hard to get back my footing. I now promise myself that I will do all those things have been mentioned above.

Anything else you think of that I can add to this list? Drop a comment.


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