Baby A stories

Me: what do you want to have for breakfast ammu? Dose* or rice bubbles?
Baby A: dose. I don’t want rice bubbles.

And the same day at noon.

Me: its lunch time so I’ll make you some yummy fried rice and then we can have a nap. OK?
Baby A: thinks for a while and says- I will have dose. I will have fried rice tomorrow.

We really do have a true south Indian hudgi** here.

*dose/dosa is an Indian style crepe eaten with savoury n spicy chutneys and vegetables.

**hudgi is girl in Kannada.


6 thoughts on “Baby A stories

  1. I lou dose too 😀 So does Zo. I am glad because they are quite healthy and so much easier to make!
    She likes pancakes these days so I get to stuff her with wheat flour, egg, milk and whatever fruits are available in one shot! Clever Mommy! 😛

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