Incoherent ramblings

In a very forceful attempt, here I am, trying to write something despite having a dull thrumming like ache in my temple. I had to. I’m now almost scared my love for writing is dwindling and soon will be gone forever. I could never live with that.

What better way to start writing than to dump whatever has been going on in my mind. Isn’t that what I always do? Isn’t it why writing is therapeutic to me? Oh well. Guess we’ve arrived at square one. Again.

On a morning that is as lovely as it is cold, my heart has been telling me to up and go. To make the best of the day. To finish the chores fast so I can enjoy the joys of internet with a piece or two of dark chocolate. To try and make something of the garbled mess that are the thoughts and ideas inside my head. To do something. To just do something. And I am. I am purposefully sat here in front of my laptop, to make a post out of nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. But nothing that would probably be useful to anyone else.

Now that I have successfully blabbered incoherently for a big part of the post, let me actually get to the point. Right now I have quite a messy house which needs cleaning, toilets and sinks need scrubbing, my hair needs washing, my brows need threading and don’t forget the laundry and the dishes. On days like these, my to-do list overwhelms me. (I read somewhere that it would be too much if you have more than 5 items on your to-do list) So I did the most sensible thing and made two do-do lists. One for today and one for the rest of the items. Brilliant eh? Lets see how that works out for me.

Baby A has once again not been sleeping well. Well now you know phases can repeat themselves in a child’s life. And hence the headache that refuses to leave me alone. And the rest of the mess that I refuse to clean. Sometimes my patience wears thin because of sleep deprivation and I still haven’t learnt to handle situations like that. So, my to-do list gets longer.

Today, however, I feel better inside out. I am feeling this strong urge to do all the things that I have put on hold for no reason. I want to revive my love for all things creative and be once again the dreamer that I was. I am hoping that my mood swings will not interfere with my positivity. Oh I am having too many of them mood swings lately. So more on to the list.

On second thoughts, I should’ve called this post “my to-do list”.

Now for some motivation:

You become what you think you are. So think better of yourself.


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