Tedious love


It is strange how a small thing can turn into something big in no time. Well, in actuality it took quite sometime. I am so deliriously happy right now. I got the proposal that I deserved, on bent knee no less. And the most beautiful diamond that I’ve had the opportunity to lay eyes on. Trust me I’ve seen quite a few in my life.

Now that I look back, it is no surprise that Jay did propose to me. It was inevitable. Though it all started on a sour note, what with the differences between the social circles we move in. It soon became pretty apparent that very soon we both would fall deeper than we ever thought we could. I just never had it in me to resist his boyish charm. And I know he could not take his eyes off me once he really saw me. It was only a matter of time.

We bumped into each other at a mall and neither of us thought much about it. He is a teacher. Not that I went digging, I just happened to identify him on a Facebook picture in my friend’s album. My friend is a teacher. Not that I would ever stalk someone on Facebook. Are you crazy?

Then we bumped into each other again at the community event that I was a special guest of. Guess who was in the organizing committee. He was attractive in his blond hair and tweed blazer. Not that I was attracted to him at that moment. Pfft. He had a date that night anyway. But in a turn of fate, we ended up sharing a cab, as his date never showed up and I happened to be dining at the same place. Serendipity. That night, in the cab, we talked a lot and we also spent a lot of time, well, doing something else with our mouths. I’ll keep the details to myself. They are most sacred to me.

That night changed our lives and entwined our futures together in an irreversible manner. Neither of us could and would back out. What then happened was a series of beautiful memories that I hold very close to my heart. The dates, the holding hands, the whispering of sweet nothings. I am proud of the fact that all my thoughts are dominated by Jay. My day begins and ends with Jay. I am drowning in the vast bottomless sea called Jay and there is no escape. I don’t need an escape. I’m happy to be trapped here, in my bubble of happiness.

Today, as we step into another phase in our lives, the happiness is boundless. I know it will be. It has to be. I’ve put so much into this. Jay is all I know now. He is all I think, feel and do. I know he thinks the same about me. He has to. He knows how much I’ve put into this.

Wish us luck and all the happiness as we take the big plunge into the holy matrimony, will you? Of course you will. Who wouldn’t be happy for a fairy-tale. It’s just, the bruises I caused my mother in law are yet to heal or she can’t be in the pictures. She deserved it, if you ask me. She threatened my marriage and did not approve of our relationship. And Jay is a mama’s boy. Oh what can I say, I think boys will always be mama’s boys. I think if I have a boy, he will be too. So, I had to take matters in my own hands. I’m not very proud of it. But you don’t think working a knife on your mother in law, a mean mother in law at that, would amount to sin, do you? Of course you don’t. Everyone is protective of what is theirs.

I am just sad that poor Lily won’t be able to be with us for the wedding. You know, the girl who Jay was supposed to go on a date with. She is the friend, through whose Facebook page I found him. She died the same night, in the very neighbourhood. I never meant for that to happen to her. It was pure protective instincts. I know you understand.




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