On Postnatal Depression

Postnatal Depression is real and new mothers often fail to recognise it and reach out for help. If you are a new mother or going to be one or know someone who is, share this article  of mine on the topic. Yes, once again on Mums Write. Don’t forget to show some love by liking the article (only if you like it) 🙂


2 thoughts on “On Postnatal Depression

  1. Dear Wanderer, good to read your writing! I have been away from blogging, mostly tied up with homeschooling my son. I’m back to writing now and it sure feels good.

    My best friend went through post partum depression 18 years ago ( we had our first-borns the same year and coincidentally lived in the same place in CA). Later they moved back to India. Back then, there was much less awareness and she went through so much guilt and shame …. but it looks like even now moms feel guilty and ashamed because society punishes women for not being everything they’re expected to be. Glad you are sharing this article.

    • Hi Priya, Thanks for your lovely words. Yes people still judge mental conditions and it is also related to how women don’t want others to know what they are going through because its supposed to be a lovely time after childbirth right? I hope families start seeing signs and become educated about depression in order to support their loved ones.

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